Accepting the Criticism: Learn

Accepting the Criticism: Learn

You will get the good from criticism only when you change the course of your doing. The way it was done and get the juice out of criticism. In simple words learn from it.

According to dictionary criticism is: “the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes”. So the major fact in the definition you will get is only the word “disapproval”. No one likes disapproval; everyone is hero in their own movie. Everyone is righteous in their own bible. So when one demonstrates the signs of disapproval through their words or gestures. An invisible wall is created that separates the thought of both the party just like a hero’s ideology is differentiated to the one of the villain in fiction. What is the ultimate outcome of the criticism? You have the first reaction in common is to defend yourselves, and if you find the critic a bit harsh the critic is lashed back with complete force.

Other than this basic instinct I have devised some of basic yet effective ways (one at a time) to deal with Adolf Criticism.


Thanking to the critic may help the critic to feel good, where is your own good? You will get the good only when you change the course of your doing. The way it was done and get the juice out of criticism. In simple words learn from it.

It is one of the simplest thing to hear but obviously it is not as easy as it seems. You often think that you are right no matter what other says or think. After a numerous enormous effort and a lot of hard work you are at the brink of something(even an idea or a product) some stupid shit head just disregards your idea or project on the basis of their experience or instinct. It is real hard to digest. But remember no one is always right, neither they nor you. May be the critic is wrong but it deserve a shot of thought. Let the criticism be your guide(not the critic). Analyze the criticism consider it as an opportunity to learn from others experience and strive to be better.


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