Improving Your Self-image

Improving Your Self-image

You self-image will determine your value to the eyes of people around you. If you won’t give importance to yourself, no one will!

You must give importance and value to the person you see looking at you in the mirror, because when you won’t give importance to yourself, no one will and this is when the life of a person starts to shift to the downward slope. Depression, anxiety, tension, lack of confidence, agitation, this all often starts when you don’t have your own value. The world takes you not just for granted they take you as you are no one. Victims of the said disease often complains about surrounding that they are not given importance or the rightful place they deserve. To them this is what is making them depressed or agitated, but the fact is they exactly are not sure what their rightful place is!

One cannot determine his/her exact place unless he or she is aware of the qualities that he/ she possess and the ability to instill further qualities in oneself. No matter how much you have suffered, no matter how much world has torn you apart, you are still the survivor and that is the reason you are still standing facing the world. You don’t need to have anything to be strong, all you need is to know your own self-image! Know your importance! Know your value! And for which I am sharing most basic yet most effective strategies to you.

  1. Make a list.

Jot down all the qualities you find in yourself. You don’t need to be modest, write whatever you think in you as a plus and don’t stop till you have written every strength you find in yourself. If you are having hard time in finding the positive side of you, take your time, write through weeks and keep expanding your list. If you are taking time you need to watch the list daily and find out that when you used such qualities it will not only give you pride but also help you discover your lost current. Try to exhibit the qualities written in your daily life (not because other can see them but to remind you that you are full of qualities). You will be amazed that you are loaded with abundant talents about which you were unaware till now. What is self-image? You must give them importance because if you won’t give yourself importance who else will?

  1. Take yourself kindly.

This one of the important things to be aware of. How you treat your own self? What is your idea about yourself? You must treat yourself gently, remember you are not a productivity machine. You are human being and proud of it. Make sure to do what you like, find peace in yourself, make yourself happy by doing what makes you happy, even for only five minutes a day.  If you are one of those who have no idea what they like to do other than facebooking or net surfing. You must do a bit of research of yourself. Soon you will realize there are many things in the world that are only created to please you.

  1. Spread the Wellness.

You don’t need to be a hero to help other. Remember you can help better then batman or spider man. You don’t need to make a huge contribution in the society for the betterment of society. All you need to make a small step and all else will be done by itself. You don’t have to make a school that offers free education, the best to be done by you could be simply you contribute in the education of a needy child. Remember it’s not about philanthropy, it’s about feeling better, enjoy the feeling in every act of kindness with those who you think are less fortunate then you. You are blessed with abundant blessing, there are hundreds of people who are missing those blessings, look around you, and it could be your watchman, or a friend, or even your boss! You have found people around you now spread the wellness. Try to find a way to make them happy talk with them, share your thought for their solution and see the change around you that will reflect through the mirror of your self-image

You self-image will determine your value to the eyes of people around you. If you won’t give importance to yourself, no one will!

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