Eliminating Stress: “Eliminating Unnecessary Commitment”

Eliminating Stress: “Eliminating Unnecessary Commitment”

Full filing your commitment is an important perquisite to be a good person. But the question is are the commitments made really that important that you should commit to it by forgoing some other activity or commitment

A stress free life is practically impossible. Stress is the response to the challenges. Challenges are caused by the goals. Achievement of goals are called success. In short no stress = no success. So stress is a good thing but most of the stress in our life are unnecessary. You can easily eliminate this unnecessary stress by applying simple (or not so simple)baby steps. Off course it cannot be done overnight as I have been doing it for a while and I still have a lot to do.
You have often seen the articles of how to relax after a stress full day, and most of them are really quite useful. To further the quest, I made the goal to get the source and cut the stress before it even happens. (Yes. The same as X-Men. Days of future Past).
To nip the evil in the bud, I have devised a list, and by editing your life according to it you can eliminate most of (not all) of the stress in your life.

Eliminating Unnecessary Commitment.

Full filing your commitment is an important perquisite to be a good person. But the question is are the commitments made really that important that you should commit to it by forgoing some other activity or commitment. Remember commitment is not only something you made with your boss or client or customer. Commitments only start with work and spans to your wife, kids, family, friends, neighbors, religion, hobbies and everywhere. Always have in mind that you have only 24 hour day to do all the stuff. What would be left undone, would only stress you out. So only commit to those who you really value. For others say “No”. “No” is not a bad thing try to use it when your inner self is saying it but don’t be harsh. “No” would help you to stay away from stress. You don’t need to rush out of your workplace to attend a dinner at your friend or family member. You know your tough routine but the others don’t, It’s your job to let them realize at the time of invitation.

Sharing a bit of personnel experience. Had a same experience couple of days ago. I had to attend a family gathering, they arranged the program without confirmation and everyone was invited. When invitation came to me I had an important meeting for the same time which cannot be postponed, I called my host and said, “I am grateful to  be part of your gathering but unfortunately at the same time I have to be somewhere else where I committed earlier and cannot postponed, would it be possible to have some arrangement for other day so I can spend a quality time the family member.” My would be host said rigidly, “I am sorry I cannot postponed the program as everyone else is OK with it.” I instantly replied, “Well then I am also OK with it all I need is a favor from you and that is your acceptance of your guest to be late. As I would wrap up my meeting I would hop in to your house and would have the fun, but I would be late for which I apologize to you in advance.”

The later was a happy ending, I had meeting without any stress of being late. After meeting I drove and went to gathering. Everyone was already told so no one complained and I made myself present at both events.

The reason for demonstrating my own example to enlighten following points:

  • First consider each commitment as the amount of stress and its impact and the value you get from it.
  • Prioritize your decision on the basis of outcomes.
  • Always ready to say no but in polite and effective way.
  • Most import part is find a way to reduce your commitments.

Now you know the game! its your turn to play with rules!


  • Erum

    April 5, 2019 at 1:59 PM

    Very informative … Well said👍


    • Ali R
      Ali R

      April 9, 2019 at 9:28 AM

      Thank you for your kind words. 🙂


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