Connecting with Your Children
November 22, 2018

Connecting with Your Children

Children are one of souls who are sometimes neglected. It may be sound trite that the time we have with them is so little and passes quickly that we may lose out in their childhoods completely if we are not careful.

Often we are so busy with our jobs, personal goals, ambitions and responsibilities to change the world around us. We have very little time to spend with those for whom we are making the world. Children are one of them who are sometimes neglected.

It may be sound trite that the time we have with them is so little and passes quickly that we may lose out in their childhoods completely if we are not careful.

Make time to connect with your kids! it’s worth the investment and here you will find various ways of making that investments.

  • Make a date

Make a date with a child. If you have more than one children set a separate time for them so they may find a sense of importance in your life. And they would love to discuss each other their experience or if not so, at least they will have a total attention of their daddy or mama for a brief period of time.

  • Read with them

It’s one of my favorite part. Read to them every day(if possible every day, one time a weak at least ) it would be one of the greatest quality time your child may have. Find anything to read them it’s not always necessary to have a story book, you can have your children text book you can take a Holy book like Quran or Bible or Geeta and read them, discuss with them and tell them to find more interesting facts regarding the point that is being discussed. The habit will not only allows you to pass a fine time with children but also develop the habit of learning and researching to your children, that will surely do a great help in their life.

  • Talk to them after work

When you get home, instead of sitting down to watch the TV or face booking to veg out after a long and tiring day of work. Do some extra effort and sit down with your children ask them about day and its important issues. Share your day also( only thing that are safe to share!)You don’t need to have a long debate for an hour or two. Just start doing it from fifteen to twenty of your minutes rest should be left to the unseen hands of destiny (not talking about novel Destiny where Beelzebub comes)

  • Play “Highs” and “Lows”

You don’t have time to talk. Or you cannot find a topic to start conversation. Start the game one of the best time can be the dinner because most of us are prone to have dinner in a nicer mood so make your mood nice by going round the table and taking turns to share the day’s high points and the lowest point of the day and everyone has to listen it carefully. Try it out with your family and have fun and share with others also.

  • Work on a goal together

It is not just one of the finest way to connect with your children but also creates the state of self-confidence and dare to face the challenge. Set a task to complete together and make a little progress every now and then. Don’t need to have some high goals you can set simpler goals like gardening and caring of a plant, reading a book together, watching a documentary or completing a game together.

  • Play

Don’t be shy to play with your kids even at your own home or outside. You can play some board game, some outdoor game or PlayStation. But make sure you play at their level. Don’t expect them to be smart. Be the dumb ass that your children can make fun of you, it will make you closer to them also. Don’t think you will be looking too dumb when you act dumb. Don’t worry people will adore you and would take inspiration. Everyone wants to be that but they want some else to start. Be the fire starter (not of the Stephen Kind or the Drew Barry Moore either). Only for your child.

  • Have a family Day

Make your Sunday the Family day. (Or at least try to make it). Don’t do extra office work and avoid household also. Do minimum necessary work. Avoid functions and parties to attend if possible. Have a day out or have some fun inside apply all things you learn on a day. Reserve the day for your family and have courage to give the shit to the world. (You will have your courage as long as you are with your family)

  • Snuggle

Remember! There will be the time when your children don’t want to snuggle with you anymore. Take the advantage now. Just pull your child closer to you every now and then, hug them for mere celebration. Squeeze them tight that they feel themselves celebrities like Marilyn.Be affectionate with them try to have lessen your physical distance because it ultimately impacts on mental state of relations, Do not try to find reason to do that. Make sure that when it comes about your kids. Reasons suck!

Wrapping Up!

Given are some of the most effective ways to bridge the strong bonds between the children and parents. But the activities discussed are surely not limited. You can have plenty of other fun factors that make your children’s day a festive one. If you have certain ways share them here.


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