Say No to Procrastination

Say No to Procrastination

Procrastination refers to the action or state of delaying or postponing something. It is not a disease or any stigma to be ashamed of. It is a simple emotion that prevails in all of us. Like all other emotions you can control too!

While writing an article regarding eliminating the stress (or reduce it at least) at primary level. I wrote something about procrastination. At that time I had an idea to share with you. An idea of sharing a detailed and brief account regarding procrastination itself. For you, here I am with lots of procrastination hacks. At this point I am feeling a great need for a bit of description of procrastination.

Procrastination refers to the action or state of delaying or postponing something. It is not a disease or any stigma to be ashamed of. It is a simple emotion that prevails in all of us. Like all other emotions you can control it also. You are going to witness various ways to deal with it effectively, but please note that  you don’t need to do all of the stuff you read or apply everything shared with you. Instead choose one of these and apply it. It will probably work for a little while, when you see its stop working choose another and give it a go. With a palate of procrastination hacks, you can never go wrong and when you got a combination of one or two, it will work fantastically.

Since there are a lot of hacks for you people and procrastinators can get most of the benefits from it. Here from procrastinators I mean you and me.

  • Form a Do it Now Habit.

Procrastination is a bad habit that get lay you off from doing something right. So kick its butt by forming do it now habit. Obvious it is not always possible because often you may have higher priority task in your table. But when you are doing something not so much important (as checking mail or filing or compiling some list) You get something more important than that. Do not put it on side. Do it now, because putting it on side means it is not your next task . It is going to be the task far more then next. So make a do it now habit. (but with a suitable judgment)


  • Set a deadline.

Always set a deadline for yourself and be sincere with it. It will not only  help you to work earlier then given date but you will also get the time to revise your work and revising your own work leads you towards perfection.

  • 10 minutes rule.

If the task seems overwhelming, and that is making you to procrastinate. Give yourself only ten minutes to do it. After it you have earned the right to have a rest but then come back for another ten minutes, but as you continue you would automatically be increasing the work time as the task that was harder to even start earlier, you have now started and already performing.

  • Consider not doing it.

Whenever you are given task and you realize you are procrastinating. Consider the consequences in your mind. By doing this way you will easily construct a graph of importance of every work you have on your hand.

  • Break it down.

When you have the work that require your enormous amount of energy. Don’t hop in.  Take a look at ancient history and find Julius Caesar. Alright don’t have time I will do it for you. Caesar along with many things gave us universal formula of “Divide and Conquer.” Divide your work in smaller batches and try to finish out a single and simple batch in a go. You will find your motivational level automatically up and sense of relaxation and self-confidence in yourself as you will have achieved something that you would even afraid to start.

  • 30-10 Technique.

This one has the potential to become personal favorite and it has helped thousands of procrastinators including my own self (although did not use it for a while as now I am blessed with quite relax weeks). Set a timer for thirty minutes and work like a mad dog. As the timer runs out set it again for ten minutes and enjoy. Check mails, surf or anything, but not work. But after ten minutes repeat for thirty minutes. And do it until you have completed what you were up to.


  • Clear away the distractions.

Stieg Larson wrote his novels of famous millennium series on a computer that did not have internet connection on it. Sure he had hundred reasons for it but no way of denying that one would be obviously to avoid procrastination. Procrastination is much easier with games, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even email being ready to access. Turn off all the distractions, clear away all the web pages and focus! If you can follow the footsteps of Larson then there is no doubt your are doing best. (i.e Disconnect internet while working.)

Wrapping up

You can increase your productivity by applying any of them or you can put a booster by making a combination of two or more. Do it and find your best combo. If you have something more you must share. At last it is the base purpose of human existence. Sharing. So when it comes to share the knowledge. Do not procrastinate!


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