Productivity Jet Packs – Part 3: “Start from the tough”

Productivity Jet Packs – Part 3: “Start from the tough”

Technology has given wings to life. Life is moving way faster than ever before. And to be effective and consistent in the race of time you do not only require wings to fly high! Your wings need a complete service as well as continuous installations of small but effective jet packs. We are going to discuss these jet packs (One in a time) to elevate your morale as well as professional flight.

Start from the tough.

Been that unprepared report on the table for days? F*ck the whole world. Get rid of it. Focus!

You have an undone task,which meets another undone task and together they will do the same to you what Sinister Six does to spider-man. Piles of work lied on the corner of your table would ultimately dim your productivity and self-confidence and will introduce you to uncle anxiety. If you are not sure of your work load prior to starting your day. Make a list of long standing things, prioritize them according to Importance, Grab one of it and finish it!

Off course it may not be as easy as it is read but the pattern would be the same as it is read. Getting done one of the pending task first lifts a great load of pressure from your back and gives you a psychological boost.

Once you have done the hard stuff grab a mug of coffee and allow yourself for the easy stuff and daily task in which you are always the best.

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