Productivity Jet Packs – Part 6: “Start Early, Work fewer hours”

Productivity Jet Packs – Part 6: “Start Early, Work fewer hours”

Technology has given wings to life. Life is moving way faster than ever before. And to be effective and consistent in the race of time you do not only require wings to fly high! Your wings need a complete service as well as continuous installations of small but effective jet packs. We are going to discuss these jet packs (One in a time) to elevate your morale as well as professional flight.

Start Early, Work fewer hours

A bit of personal experience! Wasting time early in the morning always lead me to end the day totally unproductive. May be it happens to my pears too and with you also. What I devised a simple solution against this mess is to start my day a bit early with a focused schedule of to-do list. (compile a list for the day is early morning task).Accomplishing all or some of the major tasks at the day start will relief your mind for the rest of the day and you can utilize the rest of the day working in more efficient manner.

The other part is the one that makes happy to everyone. Work fewer Hours! This certainly does not mean to cut down your 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. day to half. It simply refer to make yourself compel to work fewer hours. Most of executives cannot leave office early but remember one thing bosses are never concerned about how long you stay at office having piles of work on your shoulder. The only thing that they care about you is your performances (i.e. Productivity). To limit yourself for fewer work hours will ultimately boost your productivity as you will be having a tighter deadlines to work on, which will result more focus on work, avoidance of net surfing, social media scrolling talking with coworkers and having coffee in a long meetings. You would be cranking out the work, and get things done on time.

It’s a bit paradoxical but when you have a limited time, you would be focused. You would be a  productivity machine.

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