Productivity Jet Packs – Part 5: “Avoid Meetings”

Productivity Jet Packs – Part 5: “Avoid Meetings”

Technology has given wings to life. Life is moving way faster than ever before. And to be effective and consistent in the race of time you do not only require wings to fly high! Your wings need a complete service as well as continuous installations of small but effective jet packs. We are going to discuss these jet packs (One in a time) to elevate your morale as well as professional flight.

Avoid Meetings

I hate meetings (unless I can find coffee or donuts).May be you also hate the meetings without coffee or donuts. Or only like the coffee/donuts part of the meeting.Like it or not, meeting is a gathering where you have to put through to get some good stuff.(other than coffee and donuts)

If you analyze your all meetings, you will find most of them as a huge waste of time. You may be confident of yourself that the certain time you spent on meetings if have worked that alone or with effective team members, you have accomplished 5 times more, so the other attendees.

It does not mean that meetings are a useless part of corporate environment. But most of the corporate culture have misinterpreted the term meeting and thinks it something which it is not. As long as you find the meeting as one that it actually is. You have the right of trying to avoid all else but in a gentle and polite manner. When you have no other option and you have to be the part of a meeting, make it effective by applying the tips below.

  • Must have an agenda.

People must know beforehand what to be discussed, so they come prepare.

  • Agenda includes the outcome.

All the members must be aware for the outcomes /would be outcomes.

  •  Mark the notes

Take notes of the important points through asterisks or arrows so you can view later for the execution of plans discussed in the meeting.

  • Review the actions.

Before leaving the meeting room everyone must be aware of the decisions made and what they have to do next.

Try it out and see the difference in your productivity extraction from the meetings. and share your thoughts. If you  find any other way to be included in the list, do share!


  • Erum

    January 17, 2019 at 2:00 PM

    The work you have been doing is so interesting and knowledgeable! I am looking forward to reading more about the articles on website.


    • Ali R
      Ali R

      April 9, 2019 at 9:29 AM

      Appreciate your kind words. Will be looking forward for your contribution too 🙂


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