Productivity Jet Packs – Part 4: “Avoid unnecessary Work”

Productivity Jet Packs – Part 4: “Avoid unnecessary Work”

Technology has given wings to life. Life is moving way faster than ever before. And to be effective and consistent in the race of time you do not only require wings to fly high! Your wings need a complete service as well as continuous installations of small but effective jet packs. We are going to discuss these jet packs (One in a time) to elevate your morale as well as your professional flight.

Avoid Unnecessary Work

Skim out the unnecessary work from your total work and do it often (unless you consider every work unnecessary).How come on earth you would know that the certain work is a perfect example of unnecessary? You must know what your goals are, and when you know your goals its time to evaluate them. Evaluate, is the certain work or task is leading you towards your goal? (your goal must be aligned with that of organization you work).It is essential to be done. For all else mark unnecessary and have Plan B(strategies to coup up with unnecessary work, will be discussed later).

If you just do every work that comes to your way, you can be cranking around but no way you can be productive. You can only be productive by aligning your performance with the achievement of your goal.

Creating and continuously updating a to-do list is an effective way to be productive. Look at each task regularly and ask yourself whether it is necessary. If it is, ask yourself why it is not done yet? You are sure it is not moving you towards your goal. Look into closely what can be done, what to be avoided and see if it can be eliminated or passed away to right person. You must build the ability to segregate the important and urgent tasks.

As for the new tasks in your to-do list! Continue saying no to unnecessary work. Tell the person that you have higher priorities that are due soon and you regret for not being helpful to them. Refer them to someone helpful, be polite and regretful. In case of your boss dedicating you unnecessary work. Try your luck by having a relaxed discussion. You both should realize your goals and objectives and ask them to extraneous tasks to be assigned to someone else.

To avoid being overloaded by the work you simply do not need to do. Take the discussed steps, speak up, cut out the non – essential tasks and focus on what really matters.

Hail Productivity!

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