Le Manifeste Paresseux: “The Lazy Manifesto”

Le Manifeste Paresseux: “The Lazy Manifesto”

There could be hundreds of thousands of definitions of the word lazy itself, but for the simplest answer ask the question to yourself that what you do when you are lazy? You do less!

Being lazy is considered a curse. No one likes the lazy ones, so no one wants to be the lazy one. Ignoring the fact that we all are somehow lazy(right now I am because was trying to start writing but could not only because I was being lazy). Being lazy is not a bad things at least not for Bill Gates as he famously said (and I memorized):

“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job. Because he will find an easy way to do it.”

Remember! being lazy does not mean being unproductive as a hard worker cannot always be successful. You need to have an effective strategy and balls to implement on it. There could be hundreds of thousands of definitions of the word lazy itself, but for the simplest answer ask the question to yourself that what you do when you are lazy? You do less. It is the simple answer and the common phenomenon. But doing less means much more than being unproductive. It goes to the heart of everything you do. When you feel your selves lazy,What you do is actually you do less than you are expected.

You have done less in many ways, now you are going to witness some of the areas where less is better. In short “Lazy is better”.

  • Lazy on Buying.

If you would be lazy on buying materials, obviously you would buy less. Acquire less. You will own less. Get into less debts but for which first you have to demand less. After doing this first lazy thing, you will be in better financial position. You don’t need to adopt Buddha lifestyle. A simple audit of your requirement could be enough and would be a good start once you start being lazy, dance with the flow.

  • Lazy on busy-work.

Instead of running around doing lots of stuff, Slowdown. Be lazy. Try to live a calmer, more peaceful Lazy-Busy-Worklife. Be content to sit and do nothing and relax a bit. It seems hard to relax having lots of problems in your head like paying the bills, rent, heavy fees for your child etc. You are absolutely right. It is difficult. But five minutes won’t earn you 100 bucks but five minutes of relaxation will enable you to plan how to earn 100 bucks. So after reading it take a deep breath do nothing just relax your mind and smile.(Just smile. Your smile will get the reason itself!)

  • Lazy on Managing.

If you are in a position of authorities over other, like you are a manager, executive or parent. Remember the old school mantra “less is better”. Often we over-manage, over- parent or over- contro. This gives people under or authority not just very little freedom but also reduces their creativity, their self-learning skills and most important their self-confidence. The lazy you are at micro-managing stuff, the more they will figure out by their own. Do little things to guide and teach, but for the most of the part back it off like lazy and let them be their true self but always be present to help them out.

  • Lazy on Communicating.

Lazy on Communicating

Being an advocate of active communication. I am also aware of the fact that we do it too much even where it is not needed. Like communication on our Facebook, Linked inn and some official mails, meetings and long phone calls. In most of the cases the communication only ends up being jabbering at each other with very little listening. You are not getting results! Stop chasing them and dive into the stream of laziness.

Let the silence prevail in your life. Try to do less yelling. Less shouting. Less arguing. Let the serenity peruse and when you communicate, make it count. Don’t do effort for the other party listens to you but to make your communication to fill with sincerity and empathy. More listen then talk. Be lazy on abundant phone calls, on social media and  on your working groups. Spend more time in the present, spend times with humans, and when saying humans count yourself too.

  • Lazy on Expectations.

Acceptance is something every soul should be trying to do more and for which you need to be less judgmental and stop having expectations from every one. If you have no expectations, you cannot judge them and that would ultimately lead you to accept people as they are. The acceptance of people as they are leads you towards the peace. The peace around you and inside you which leads you towards the happiness. So you get the easy way to be happy. Be lazy to expect.

  • Lazy on Complaining & Criticizing.

Already spoken and written a lot about it, may be writing more would let you voLazy on Complainingmit so passing by simply saying that these two curse will drag you down to the lowest pit of hell in your very living life. The irony is still we all do it. I also do but always concern to do it less, Lazy on complaining is a super formula to have your relations (any sort of) in good health. I honestly confess that many times instead of doing more kindness, compassion, understanding and accepting I simply apply lazy on complaining formula and it always works.

  • Lazy on Planning.

Lazy on Planning

We worry too much, and it does no good. We think about what will happen instead of what is actually happening now.(not talking about 70’s TV show).Some planning is necessary but remember too much of it is a waste of time. Trying to control everything of your future is a futile attempt. It blinds you to see the opportunity that are flourishing right now around you. Learn to move with the flow, look for the opportunities lying in the natural path. Instead of following rigid plans, work fluidly with whatever happening around you. Strive to have practice implementations of your ideas rather than have a large scale planning. When you have a plan. Go lazy on it!

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