Productivity 2.0: The Newbies of Productive Society

Productivity 2.0: The Newbies of Productive Society

I happened to read an article about productivity. The Funny part- that somehow suggested the same old techniques that I read around some more then ten years ago. You have evolved a lot, It is the time your productivity evolves too.

For years you can see abundant articles and blogs on productivity showing you how to be more productive, woke faster and organized and above all Multitasking. They have thought good amount of manners of Productivity 2.0working. But the sad part is most of it speaks the same. Same old fashioned monotonous methods of being productive.  When there was the monopoly of Nokia. I was a child and surfed an article of productivity (at that age I used to surf many things,and it is better not to discuss those).

Now as a full grown up holding an Apple in my hand with watching a generation of children who doesn’t know much about a brand named Nokia. I happened to read an article about productivity again. The Funny part- that somehow suggested the same old techniques that I read around some more then ten years ago. That just not made me smile but also pitched an idea of creating some of the differences of the ideas that should be (or have been) changed. Check the differences of old school and newbies of productive society. Check out where you stand and share your thoughts.

  • Crank out- Work with focus

Old school of productivity has surely taught you how to crank out all the task. Various ways to pick each item of the widget and accomplish it. The more you do, the better. Speed is really important must have. In the end of the day your productivity is how many tasks you have finished!

Productivity 2.0

Productivity 2.0 Focus

The new world is not obsessed with the speed and does not measure the performance on the basis of number of tasks finished. It allows you to slow down and work in a leisurely pace. You should clear your head from distractions and allow yourself to focus on the task at hand. This not only makes you concentrated but also passionate. This environment allows you for another level of productivity where quality matters and results innovations. Where you find Tesla, Facebook , Alibaba and hundred more to come forward with a satisfaction, confidence and peace in their mind.

  • Planning- Just Start

Old School teaches us to hold numerous planning meeting before getting started. Must have a lay out of all the specs and the time lines. Make sure every aspect and minor details are well planned before committiProductivity 2.0 Planningng the resources.  Obviously it took not only an enormous amount of time but also the energy. I am certainly not saying the set of practices are useless and should be abandoned. I pledge that the procedure works well (but only when the world is moving in a pace slower then your).

Productivity 2.0

The version 2.0 of productivity says that there is no need to be Sherlock Holmes(not talking about Benedict Cumber batch or Robert Downey Jr.). Referring to the habit of giving attention to the every slightest of the detail. Forget the detailing, often meetings are waste of time. Instead of figuring out the minimum requirement and get those done and launch. Remember you can never be perfect at the time of launch so don’t crave for it.

Given strength to the philosophy take the example of Google itself. Did Google wait to have a better mailing program than Microsoft outlook when launched? It just launched with few users on board and kept improving. And now with no doubt it is  the best. So do the planning but only for the necessary stuff. Over planning will only lead you to stress. Have your primary weapon ready and hop in. You will get the arsenal during the war.

  • Multi task- Single task

When the amount of work you are handling is your Key Performance Indicator (KPI). You should do the multitasking! It helps you to get many tasks done dancing on your shoulders. Often it helps you to be the quickest in the ground.  There are many bosses that want their employees to be multi-tasking. As it is a perquisite for being a productive.

Productivity 2.0 Multitasking

Productivity 2.0

If you have written in your resume that you are multitasking and you think you would impress your employer. There are a big chances he/she may bombard you with hundreds of neutron of questions and you have to be the advocate of multitasking only because you have mentioned it as your strength. When the quality of product is required you are bound to perform best and you can only perform your best when you are focused. Don’t say that you can focus on hundreds of thing at the same time. Multitasking has its own use in certain areas but focusing on a single task will help you to accomplish it early and have a complete confident result. You have a piece of success in your palm. It is the time to shift your focus to the second task in hand.

  • Organized- Technologized

One of the eminent quality of a productive worker is that he/she can extract any data from the record. Not only have drawers full of files or has organized every files in a computer in folder, sub-folder and sub folder of the sub folder but also have a clear understanding of the meetings and ways to behave in certain gathering by studying some facts regarding the people about to meet or the companies about to collaborate. It took a lot of time but its worth it.

Productivity 2.0

Organization is a perfect habit and there is no need to replace it with anything new. But you can do other things in the same time which you spend on organizing your daily details only when you know things can be organized only with such effort. You can do the same stuff by utilization of technologies. Sharing a personal experience, for an year I have slowed down the filing process and the staff that is responsible of filling I have given him assignment of scanning every voucher or slip and save it. When the audit comes. He did not have to sneak into record room to gather all the buckets of files. All he needed to do is to sit along, find and share. Watching this other departs have also stated the practice.

It is just one example, you can utilize the technologies in any way it suits you. There is no rules for it. It is for sure that if not today technology will substitute the old school similarly PC substituted the typewriters, cell phones substituted the gramophones and recently Google sheets substituted the long threads of emails.(If still involved in downloading the same emails with minors changes and deleting the old copies!say the magic word [not SHAZAM] GOOGLE SHEET!)

  • Hierarchy- Collaboration

Hierarchies and bureaucracy are good. When you are in war, (only if you are a soldier). Or It would be perfect (or somehow perfect) if you are a religious cleric. But when you talk about your corporate environment what you see are the long threads of orders passing down below from the top tier and the problems described from the lowest area. This not only creates a void in between but also fills it with lack of interest and zeal. There is always communication gaps. A problem that can be resolved with a discussion of few hour takes weeks so the orders or instructions can be flown in both ends. There is always one end with all the authorities and the other one with no choice other than following orders, that results to inefficiency not just in personnel but in organizational level.

Productivity 2.0

Hierarchies are flattened out. People are more working independently, whether with in a company or as a freelancers. Now collaboration is an integral part. Workers are empowered to make decisions. Communication is more efficient and people in freedom are happier and passionate about the work. Only the most important thing is Are You? Are you happy and passionate in the freedom? Well there is more and more you can find about the free, collaborative environment, important question is have you settled in the environment? Often I see organizations that work in Google like environment but still the employs are hesitant to share their thought. They still want someone to have a bridge between them and the boss.

Productivity 2.0- Collaboration

If you are one of them then don’t feel ashamed of! It is a natural thing. Only thing you should do is to try to adapt. Feel free to talk and share. Only reason people are hesitant because they fear the outcomes. Don’t fear for it, just do it. Maximum thing that would happen is that you or your idea would be proven wrong. It’s good to be wrong! It’s good to make mistakes! You should do it. It will make you cuter! Believe me. People can easily connect with those who made mistakes because they don’t need to worry about some Mr. Perfectionist attitude. So go ahead shout out and share your ideas like a morning bird.

  • Wrapping up.

There are hundreds of further minor tuning you can try in your daily life to boost your productivity. Share your techniques or improved version of given helping hacks to help the helping hippies around the world. Shelfhelp needs you and always craves for your contribution. So apply the Productivity 2.0 and contribute!

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