sHelfhelp acknowledges and credits all the great souls and their contribution in pursuit of the  amelioration in the field of self-help and self-awareness specifically Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill. sHelfhelp is honored to have benefited, and acknowledges the abstract contribution in the shared knowledge of various self-help practitioners and advocates, entrepreneurs, corporate coaches, managing consultants such as Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Peter Thiel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Jeff Keller, Guy Kawasaki, Erik Barker, Mark Manson, Amy Alkon, Tim Ferris, Fred Kofman, Qasim Ali Shah, Sandeep Maheshwari and many others.

sHelfhelp credits the support of online media provision websites, that not just have helped sHelfhelp but have been benefiting millions of people daily through their online royalty free images, video content, gifs, plug-inns, proxies and various tools. Especially LinkedIn learning and, for the educational content and royalty free media provision.

sHelfhelp acknowledges The HQ, that provided the workspace from where sHelfhelp took off, Icreativez Technologies for sincere and never ending technical consultancy, Zera Creativez for providing technical support. Early Helping Hippies (i.e. Contributors) such as David Meltzer and King Nahh

It is impossible to credit and acknowledge each of the soul or group of souls in form of organizations and for which sHelfhelp sincerely apologizes. sHelfhelp is the product of not just unlimited amount of content and effort. The love, support and prayer of each individual involved with the sHleflehp is the sole catalyst that made the sHelfhelp as you experience it today and realize it as the well-crafted shelf for your complete self-help.

Helping Hippies around the world collaborated and crafted the sHelfhelp for you. From self-help to personnel branding, confidence boost to your creative blast, your relationship development to performance improvement and far more beyond. sHelfhelp has everything you need to help yourself to be a better you.

sHelfhelp is a one window source for all your self-help needs. From your health plan to professionalism & extends to productivity, relationship & beyond!

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