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Self-awareness commonly denotes knowing one’s inner subjective awareness of oneself, that also includes mental state, emotion, sensations, beliefs and desires. From a definition standpoint this is true. It is said to be special in that it is certain, and each individual uses a specific method to explore one’s own self. sHelfhelp has unlocked the true potential of a discovered self and every helping hippy is on the pilgrimage of helping every soul of caravan whose journey is towards self awareness and self discovery.

How to Get Back the Lost Originality

We are all born original, full of curiosity about our surroundings. As we grow up, our mind keeps growing constantly. We start learning facial expressions by mimicking our parents, We learn language & whatever is going around us. Then we start collecting wishes from our surroundings. The heart does not desire what the eyes do not see. The society starts taking over our original persona, and we start losing our originality. Spending time in solitude,...


Feeling Stuck

There is a point of time in everyone's life that people start feeling stuck! It is the high time as if it keeps on, you will lose your confidence, your faith and above all you purpose! To avoid such a menace feeling you should think the alternative way!



If your mind is not synchronized with your heart. You are your biggest enemy. What the world says about you is not important unless you believe in it.

Helping Hippies around the world collaborated and crafted the sHelfhelp for you. From self-help to personnel branding, confidence boost to your creative blast, your relationship development to performance improvement and far more beyond. sHelfhelp has everything you need to help yourself to be a better you.

sHelfhelp is a one window source for all your self-help needs. From your health plan to professionalism & extends to productivity, relationship & beyond!

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