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Entrepreneurship is never about starting a business or running it effectively. It is the trait of knights, allows human being to be courageous, when other have questions, enables you to see the ray of light when every one sees the dark, motivates you to create a new path when every one is following the given one. If you are doing that, you are entrepreneur. Yes you are! No matter you are running a firm, or you are working under a supervisor, or you are a student working hard to get nice grades. As long as you are able to see beyond the limits constructed by human mind. You are an entrepreneur!

Feeling Stuck

There is a point of time in everyone's life that people start feeling stuck! It is the high time as if it keeps on, you will lose your confidence, your faith and above all you purpose! To avoid such a menace feeling you should think the alternative way!

An Advice: by Mehboob Ali

Mehboob Ali CTO ICreativez Technologies talks about some key ingredients essential to move further as an entrepreneur. Monetary value is an important metrics to grow but often you need to forgo it to succeed in long term & macro environment.

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